ITS-90 PRT Resistance to Temperature Spreadsheets

If you’re like us, you use PRTs but not so much that you want to purchase a dedicated PRT thermometer when you have a perfectly capable DMM that will measure resistance for you.

Well, today’s your lucky day.  We deciphered the ITS-90 reference and deviation equations for you and put a couple of subranges into spreadsheets.  Well . . . OK . . . we put the subranges that WE use into the spreadsheets.  There are two files:  one is an Excel spreadsheet, the other is a ZIP file that contains a Numbers template.  We use Apple computers and Numbers is our primary spreadsheet.  We do recognize that 99.99% of the industrial/business community uses Windows and Excel, so we figured this would only be a help to everyone if we made an Excel spreadsheet that they/you could use.

Need a different range?  Let us know and we’ll see what we can do.  Find an error or omission?  Let us know about that, too.

PRT Resistance to Temperature ITS90

Numbers template PRT Resistance to Temperature ITS90