Is your calibration data yours?

On the surface, that may seem like a simple question, but ask your calibration provider.  What happens if you lose a report of calibration or need data after a “short form” was issued?

We feel that once you pay us for the calibration, the data is yours.  You won’t have to pay us again if you need another copy of your report of cal and we always provide data.  Having been in the industry for about 18 years, it was aggravating to tell clients that they had to pony up more money for a lost report or worse to have to pay for a duplicate report from a calibration provider.  We decided to turn that notion on its head.

Additionally, your data is backed up hourly on site and also hourly to an encrypted offsite backup provider.  So, you can be confident that when you need a copy of your data, we’ll have it waiting for you.

Simple . . . Different . . . Better