If the solution is an easy one, it might be the wrong problem.  We know that you have an almost limitless choice when it comes to getting a instrument calibrated.  We go beyond just calibration.  We honestly believe that calibration goes hand in hand with an understanding of how you are using your equipment and what you expect it to do for you.  An instrument is only a part of the measurement system.  The process through which the instrument acquires and gives you data is also important.  We work with you to help ensure that your instrument and process are giving you the data that is crucial to ensuring your product or system is within specification.

Though we have a limited scope of calibration services that we provide, we’ve performed all types of calibrations and done numerous measurement uncertainty budgets for laboratory accreditations.  If you have questions about calibrations, we’ll help find you the answers.


Sale of new equipment

Calibration of complex/conglomerated systems

Tailored calibrations as required by the needs of our clients

Development of calibration plans

Pressuredaq – USB portable pressure data acquisition system:  6 pressure channels, an ambient temperature measurement, and a remote K thermocouple measurement.  Rugged and reliable.  Built on NI hardware and software and easy to use.  Don’t test with paper and pen recorders anymore.  Ask us about it. (designed and built by Meridian Calibration Systems)